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Even If It Hurts Throughout his high school career, Larron Ables excelled on the football field. He trained hard year after year in an attempt to make it to the next level, but an unfortunate circumstance put his dreams on hold and left him wondering, Why would God do this to me? Larron grew up in a large family, and God was at the center of his household. But with the knowledge of who Jesus is and what He has done instilled in Larron at an early age, he felt that this made having an actual re

A Prepared Heart

In the solitude of her surgeon’s office, Kristin Griffin fearfully fell to her knees in prayer. It had only been a few days since she learned of the tumor located in her chest—a mass only inches away from her heart, pushing against her lungs. And now the doctor said it could possibly be cancerous. Even before facing these circumstances, Kristin sensed that her faith was being prepared for a test. But even in that moment, fear and anxiety overcame her as she worried about what the diagnosis mean

Choosing Joy

On July 14, 2013 Kimberly Hornsby received news that would forever change her and her children’s lives. Her husband, an officer on the Killeen SWAT team, was shot and killed in the line of duty. In a yearlong season of pain and suffering, the Lord is teaching Kimberly how to choose joy in the face of trials and how to completely depend on Jesus. Kimberly and Robert Hornsby were married in June of 2007. They had two beautiful children together: Layden, who is now six, and a two-year old boy name

What Now?

Shortly after Taylor and Mike began dating, Mike started to experience vertigo-like symptoms that prompted him to get an MRI. At the age of 28, Mike had a brain tumor that would later be diagnosed as a rare form of CNS Lymphoma. After a surgical procedure and round of chemo, Mike showed no signs of cancer. “At that point, in our minds, Jesus had healed him, and it really was a miracle,” Taylor recalls. Shortly thereafter, Mike and Taylor got engaged and focused on getting him better. “Through t

Faithful Obedience

On June 24, 2013, Summer and Brandon received a text message that would forever change their lives. “Do you know anyone who is looking to adopt?” read the text message from one of Summer’s coworkers, sent along with a picture of a newborn baby boy. She immediately forwarded the text message to her husband Brandon. Without hesitation, he replied “Yes!” From that moment, Summer and Brandon walked in faithful obedience as they stepped into the unknown. Brandon and Summer are high school sweethear